agricultural page

SITCO is aware of the significance of agriculture. Even civilizations were influenced by agriculture. Agriculture is also a way of life, custom and culture.

No matter how much sophisticated, agriculture and its importance can never be ignored. Failing to focus on agriculture will pave way for the intrusion of starvation and malnutrition. Nowadays, with the latest technologies, agriculture is easier and even more productive. There are lots of provisions availed by technological advancements on which you can rely completely. SITCO has been offering huge contributions to agricultural division for years now.

We provide agricultural commodities, equipment, tools, chemicals, fertilizers, coir and jute products, building materials, machineries and raw materials. Each and every product and service from SITCO follows all mandatory standard norms.

We are resourceful enough to meet every customer requirement related to agricultural niche. Technically vibrant and ethically motivated team of dedicated professionals is the factor leveraging the confidence of SITCO.