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Animal Feed/Poultry Feeds

SITCO provides great quality Animal feed and poultry feeds at affordable rates. All products from SITCO are verified by our experts to assure the nutrition value.

Poultry feeds for ducks, chickens, geese etc. consists mainly of grain. The quantity and nutritional necessity of the feed depend on age and weight of the concerned poultry and the season. All our feeds are dry and clean so as to prevent any infections to poultry like that of fungal growth.

Animal feed is given to domestic animals and are mainly of two types- Forage and fodder. Fodder is the particular food given to animals in addition to that they feed by themselves. Fodder includes silage, hay, straw, pelleted feeds, legumes and sprouted grains. Feed grains are very important as a source of animal feeds. Soybean, maize, rice, barley, oats and wheat are the most commonly used feed grains.

Forage refers to plant material consumed by livestock in the form of immature cereals, crop residue or pasture.

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