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SITCO offers almost all main varieties of chilies with topnotch quality. Chilies have good nutritional value; they consist of vitamin C and beta carotene. Some of the varieties are capable of relieving you from naval congestion.

Based on the kind of chilies and its developing conditions, their heat level varies. Milder varieties sometimes are consumable as snacks. Bullhorn chilies which are long, green or slender red have great popularity. Cayenne chilies have thin, long red pods and a tangy flavor. Habanero types of chilies have a hot but fruity flavor. Thai chilies can be red, cream, orange or yellow in color with deep burning heat. Jalapeno chilies are very hot and thick fleshed found generally in mature green stage.

Other main varieties of chilies provided by SITCO include Serrano, pasilla and poblanos/ancho along with many locally cultivated chilies.

Product Type

Single Spices & Herbs
Type Raw
Color Red
Certification Spices Board
Packing 25Kgs,50Kgs PP Bags and Jute Bags
Moisture Below 14%