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Dehydrated vegetables

SITCO offers almost all types of dehydrates vegetables. Such vegetables retain more nutrients than canned or frozen foods. We use the latest dehydration techniques by which moisture level gets reduced even up to 2%. Our products are dehydrated to such a level that, on bending they break giving a crisp sound. Though they never taste exactly as their canned or fresh counterparts, they taste really nice.

As these vegetables have negligible moisture content, there is also no risk for any mold or bacterial growth. The weight and volume of these vegetables usually increases when dehydrated. Dehydrated vegetables don’t have any waste as the dehydration process is carried out only after the unwanted parts of the vegetables are cut off. Thus after the process of dehydration what comes to you is the best part of food.

Purchase dehydrated vegetables from SITCO and stay away from the concern of foul smells of rotten vegetables engulfing the room on opening your refrigerator.