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SITCO offers you wide varieties of Garlics. Our products meet quality and we offer best rates in the industry.

Garlic is a species of onion genus which is regarded as a native to the central part of Asia. Most commonly the plant’s bulb is used which consists of several fleshy sections. These are called cloves which is the edible part of the garlic plant.

The cloves have a characteristic spicy flavour and it sweetens and mellows with cooking. Not only the cloves but flowers and leaves are also eaten sometimes. Garlics form the ingredient for many dishes in various regions. Based on the cooking methods, the flavour varies a lot in regard of aroma and intensity. Garlic when applied to certain kind of breads gives some classy dishes including canapé, crostini, bruschetta, garlic toast and garlic bread. Garlic cloves can also be used for flavouring oils which can be used with almost all categories of pasta, bread, meats and vegetable. The taste of garlic powder is different from that of fresh garlic.

Product type fresh / frozen vegetables
Maturity 100%
Size 3-7cm / piece
Grade A Export Quality
Packing type Standard export mesh bag 25,50,60kg / bag.