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SITCO provides good quality onions that are free from pests or diseases. Onion is normally used as a vegetable and the concerned plant consists of a bluish green leaves having a bulb at base. The crop gives a unique aroma and flavor to the dish in which it is added as an ingredient.

Onions are available in three main colors- Red, yellow and white. Red onion can be used fresh as its colour energies the dish. Also they are used in char broiling and grilling. The full flavored yellow onions, also known as brown onions are a product of daily use. White onions regarded as traditional onions are used mainly in the classic Mexican cuisines.

Onions are ingredients for many dishes or they can be consumed in raw state itself. This versatile food product can be boiled, braised, baked, sauteed or roasted.


Sizes 30mm and 70mm
Style Fresh
Shape Round
Place of Origin Maharashtra, India
Packing 5 Kg Mesh Bag,10 Kg Mesh Bag,20 Kg Mesh Bag