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Potato is tuberous starchy crop from the Nightshade family. This edible tuber serves as a vital part of many cuisines all around the world. Potatoes require cold warehouses if intended for long term storage. There are nearly 4000 varieties for potatoes. These varieties can be categorized into some groups such as yellows, reds, whites and russets.

Potatoes have much more application that mere consumption by humans. They are used along with alcoholic beverages like aquavit, potcheen and vodka. They can be fed to domestic animals. The starch of potato finds application in food industry for sauces and soups. In textile industry, they can be used as adhesives. Potato starch can also be used in the manufacture of boards and papers. Waste potatoes may be used for obtaining poly-lactic acid to be used in plastics; the experiments in regard of same are still in progress.

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Sizes 100-150g,150g-250g
Product origin Gujrat,India
Packing Method 10kg/mesh bag,20kg/mesh bag
Nutritions Amylum,vitamin,and many other micro-nutritions.
Characteristics Clean surface,No insects