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Processed Food-Cashew

SITCO offers you processed cashews retaining their nutrient value at competitive rates. Cashew nut is a kidney shaped seed found attached at the bottom of cashew apple.

This nut has a delicate flavor thus making it an ingredient for many fried dishes and salads. The nut can also be used for making mellow nut butter. To avoid disintegration of cashews, they should be added only towards the end of cooking. When cashews are used in recipes which are baked, these nuts no more retain crunch and become soft.

Consuming cashews prevents gallstones and helps in maintaining healthy bones. It also regulates the tone of muscles and nerves. Cashews are really a boon for women with sleep disturbances related to menopause. As cashews provide adequate amount of calcium, migraine headaches, high blood pressure and muscle spasms can be alleviated. This seed helps in skin production and melanin secretion. Flexibility to joints, bones and blood vessels is also provided by cashews.

Cashew Varieties:

White Wholes - W180 Large White Pieces (LWP)
White Wholes - W210 Small White Pieces (SWP)
White Wholes - W240 Scorched Wholes Seconds (SSW)
White Wholes - W320 Scorched Butts (SB)
White Wholes - W450 Scorched Splits (SS)
White Wholes - W500 Scorched Pieces (SP)
Scorched Wholes - SW180 Scorched Small Pieces (SSP)
Scorched Wholes - SW210 Scorched Pieces Seconds (SPS)
Scorched Wholes - SW240 Dessert Wholes (DW)
Scorched Wholes - SW320 Baby Bits (BB)
Scorched Wholes - SW450 Butts (B)
Scorched Wholes - SW500 Splits (S)