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Spices & Spice Powder

SITCO provides top class spice and spice powders for its customers. Spice refers to a dried bark, fruit, root, seed or any other vegetative substance which primarily performs the role of flavoring, preserving and coloring food. Sometimes spices are used for hiding other flavors as well.

Spices have lots of additional benefits too. They have great antimicrobial properties which justify the genuineness of their use more commonly in warmer climates and with meat. They find application in perfumes, cosmetics, medicines and certain spices may even be consumed as vegetables; say, turmeric roots. They also have good nutritional values and are capable of adding few calories to the diet.

Spices are also used as spice powders and they can be used almost in the same way as spices are used. The antioxidant nature of spices makes them one of the best types of natural preservatives.