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SITCO provides superb quality sugar at competitive prices. Sugar is the general name given to a sweet and crystalline substance, used mainly for human consumption. It can be classified as simple sugars and granulated sugars.

Sugar can be derived from multiple sources but the main sources are sugarcane and sugar beet. Sugarcane is a large grass which grows abundantly in areas with tropical climate whereas sugar beet is actually a root crop suited for cooler climates. On an average, a person consumes nearly 24 Kg of sugar yearly.

Granulated sugars add texture and sweetness to the cooked products. They also perform the role of a preservative and prevent the growth of microorganisms. Milled sugars can be used as icing sugar and sugar cubes sweeten the drinks. Brown sugars can be used in confectionery, toffees and baked goods. Sugar alcohols, also known as polyols find their application in chewing gums where the sweet flavor persists for an extended time period.