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Wheat is the third most produced cereal which follows maize and rice. This cereal avails greater protein content when compared to other main cereals like rice or maize.

Wheat grains have multiple uses. It can be used for making breads, cakes, couscous, noodle, cookies, pasta, and as breakfast cereal. Also they are used in the fermentation process for making beer and other beverages. Wheat straw finds application in construction purposes for roofing. Wheat can also be milled the get endosperm for the white flour along with by-products- germ and bran. The bran or outer husk of wheat can also be used in numerous ways.

This whole grain is one of the major sources of energy and is a staple food in many parts of the globe. The main types of wheat availed by SITCO includes Bread wheat, Spelt, Durum, Emmer, Einkorn, Hard White, Soft White, Red Wheat and many more.