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Crop Care

SITCO provides highly innovative and reliable agricultural equipment for both farm as well as commercial purposes.

Crop care is of the same significance as that of any other steps in agriculture. There are lots of things to be taken care of. Supply of enough water is the basic necessity and the amount of water needed is determined by the type of crops. Other factors of relevance are adequate exposure to light, proper and timely use of fertilizers, maintenance of ideal temperature and weeds control by spraying etc. Manual spraying is very difficult especially when the field is too large; so mechanical spraying should be preferred.

There are a lot of equipment availed by SITCO which are designed specifically to cater crop care needs. Engine Operated Sprayer, Engine Operated H T P Sprayer, Portable Power Sprayer, HTP Power Sprayer, Power Operated Knapsack Sprayer and Battery Sprayer are just few among them.