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Land Preparation Equipment

Preparing land is an inevitable process whether you select sowing or planting on your field. Land preparation is a process of scrapping the soil of upper protective layer away with the help of any special equipment. Stages for land preparation vary with the type of soil and crops to be planted.

For adequate crop and water management leveling of field is mandatory in land preparation. It is obvious that when the level of field is not the same throughout, water stagnates in depressions and at the same time, higher part of the land may remain dry. This may pave way for unevenness in fertilizer distribution, growth and even additional weeds. So, relying on some great quality modern equipment for land preparation is not just a choice anymore.

SITCO brings to you world class land preparation equipment which include Tractor Drawn Single Bottom M.B. Plough, Tractor Drawn Mould Board Plough, Tractor Drawn Leveler Blade, Tractor Drawn Reversible Plough, Tractor Operated Rotavator, Tractor Drawn Disc Plough, Tractor Operated Ridger/Furrow Opener, Tractor Drawn Disc Harrow, Tractor Drawn Duck Foot Cultivator, Tractor Drawn Spring Loaded Cultivator, Tractor Operated Stubble Remover/ Roto Slasher and Tractor Drawn Rigid Cultivator.