Agricultural Tools2
Agricultural Tools

You can buy superb quality agricultural tools from SITCO at competitive prices. There are different types of tools available specifically designed for unique tasks.

Shovels are tools used for removing snow, soil preparation, planting etc. Picks are used for breaking hard surfaces like concrete, dry earth etc. These hand tools have many variations. Hoes are another type of agriculture tools used for multiple purposes which include moving soil, planting and digging. Machetes are used mainly for cutting sugar canes and slicing bulky food stuffs. Rakes are horticultural tools which can be used to collect the fallen leaves and hay or grass. It can also be used for levelling and soil loosening. Sickles are hand held tools used to cut forage for feeding livestock and to harvest grain crops.

SITCO provides many other agricultural tools like axes, hammer, adzes, splitting wedges, bars, hedge shears and also garden tools.