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Adze is an edge tool which was used even from the stone ages. This implement has countless uses but the main application is in the scenario of woodworking for carving and smoothing of wood. In an Adze, the head is fixed vertical to the handlebar. Adzes normally come in two forms- Hand Adze and Foot Adze.

Hand Adze consists of a short handle and can be swung with a single hand. This type of adzes is used mainly by wainwrights, coopers, chair makers and trough makers etc. The short handle facilitates better control and the curve in head allows accurate clearance for smaller cuts.
Food Adzes have long handles and is more powerful tool that requires both hands for swinging it. They are used mainly for removal of heavy waste and for the shaping, leveling and trimming of the timber surfaces.

Adzes these days are made of steel and the handles are wooden.