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Axe is an agricultural tool used mainly for shaping, splitting and cutting of wood. The implement also has specialized uses and various forms. It generally has a handle and axe head.
SITCO avails customers with axes of different types, sizes and forms. Axes can be made from different materials like iron, steel, copper and bronze. Axe is one of the simplest machines that reduce the effort of a wood chopper. Axes come under two categories- Cutting axes and Splitting axes.

In splitting axes, the angle is deeper. Since the whole pressure gets concentrated to the blade, the area of net force is minimized thus making the splitting of wood easier. With the handle, acting as a lever, the force further increases. On the other hand, cutting axes have a less deep wedge angle and are used for cutting down trees.

Axes without handles and with short handles are commonly called hand axes. Modern axes these days have wooden handles and steel heads; they are specialized by size, form and use.