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Garden tools

Top quality Garden tools from SITCO are availed for vendors and dealers at most reasonable rates. Garden tools are a category of tools which is actually intended for gardening purposes. But it also finds application in agriculture as well as horticulture. These tools can either be power tools or simple hand held tools.

Earlier hand held garden tools like hoes, spades, forks, rakes, trowels, shovels etc. were made of flint, wood, bone and tin. Later on with technological advancements, copper, steel and iron replaced them. Now a number of cutting tools like grass shears and pruning shears are also manufactured by industrial metalworking.

The important power tools coming under Garden tools include lawn mower, mini-tractors, chainsaws, leaf sweepers, lawn aerators, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, string trimmers, cultivators and irrigation sprinklers.

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