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Hammer is an agricultural tool that deposits impact on an object. Hammer is used mainly for driving nails, fitting parts, forging metals and breaking apart objects. Though hammers are of different types, shapes and structures, they are normally designed specifically for single purpose. This implement serves as a basic tool for many professions.

Hammer consists of a heavy head and a lighter but strong handle. The tool is basically designed to be hand operated. However there are many models that are operated mechanically; one such example is steam hammer. Some hammers have magnetized attachment for picking up nails etc.
There are a lot of variations for hand held hammers. Drilling hammer is a short handled lightweight sledge hammer. The Ball-peen hammers are used by mechanics. Framing hammers and claw hammers used by carpenters are also a variation.

Other important variations availed by SITCO include Gavels, Rock Picks, Soft-Faced Hammer, Stonemason’s Hammer, Lathe Hammer, Knife-Edged Hammer, Mallets, Brass Hammer, Club Hammer and Upholstery Hammer etc.