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SITCO presents different types of Hoes for agricultural purposes. This versatile and ancient tool is normally used for moving little amount of soil. The actual purpose includes weed control, piling of soil, creation of narrow furrows etc. This effective tool can also be used for planting bulbs and seeds, chopping of weeds, roots and even digging.

Different types of hoes are available; some are designed to carry out multiple purposes and others perform a single specific purpose. Collinear hoe having a narrow and razor sharpened blade can be used for sliding weeds. Dego hoe has a broad delta shaped heavy blade with a flat edge making it ideal for gardening and farming purposes. Dutch hoe can be used for slicing the weeds under immediate surface of the soil. Other important types of hoes are stirrup hoes and wheel hoes.

Based on your actual needs, you can select the desired type of hoes from SITCO, one of the most reputed names in manufacturing industry.