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SITCO makes you available with superior quality Rakes. Rake is horticultural equipment having a toothed bar that is fixed across a handle.

Rakes are used as a broom for collecting fallen leaves, grass and hay. It is also useful in loosening of soil, leveling and light weeding etc. When functionality is considered, this tool can be regarded as a synonym to harrow used in agriculture. Rakes normally belongs to two categories- Hand Rakes and Hay Rakes.

Hand Rakes may have wood, iron, steel, tines or plastic as teeth. The handle for this type of Rake is made of metal or wood. The Rakes having longer teeth can be adjusted to a shape similar to that of old-styled folding fan. Hay Rakes on the other hand are the mechanical version of Hand Rakes and are used mainly in farming. They are available in numerous forms like Rotary Rakes, Star-Wheel Rakes etc.

SITCO has almost all varieties of Rakes available to customers at the cheapest possible rates.