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Shovels and spades

SITCO offers Shovels and Spades of different shapes and sizes for agricultural purposes at competitive prices. Having years of experience in dealing with customers and manufacturers worldwide, all our products are guaranteed to exceed customer expectations.

Shovels are agricultural tools used for multiple purposes including snow removal, preparation of soil, planting and landscaping. The selection of shovel should be done based on the purpose you have. For normal digging purposes, a round nose shovel with rolled edges would be ideal. If you have to deal with rocky soils, the better option would be a larger shovel with thick and heavy blade. Well scooped shovel could be used for moving light or granular goods. For snow removal, flat nose shovel would be the best.

You can also select spades of high quality from SITCO that are effective as well as comfortable to use. We offer you spades of varying length, weight, tread and blade type.