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Cashew Processing Plant

SITCO is the leading exporter and manufacturer of Cashew Processing Plants. If you are planning to start a cashew nut processing business or any related needs, SITCO offers you with the best machineries at very reasonable prices.

Processing cashews manually was started very much earlier. Cashew nuts are very important and in-demand nuts all-round the globe. It has not just health benefits but also plays a vital role in many cultures and customs. Main cashew products exported are cashew kernels, raw nuts and the shell liquid. Shell liquid has numerous medical and industrial applications.

Different processing operations were carried out manually. Later with innovative machines the need of labors reduced and various processes like roasting, extraction of liquid and shelling. However cleaning, sizing and grading of kernel remained dependent on labors.

Now, with SITCO you are provided completely automated machines which reduce your investment on labor and thus maximize your productivity.