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Ammonium Phosphate

SITCO provides great quality Ammonium phosphate at cheapest rates. This is an ingredient for many fertilizers and promotes growth of plants and crops when applied to fields lacking nutrients.

Ammonium phosphate consists of phosphate anion and ammonium cations. Nitrogen in the fertilizer assists in growth whereas the phosphate helps in root development. Ammonium phosphate is soluble in water and finds application while planting, maintenance and during lawn renovation. The fertilizer should be applied on dry ground and if the lawn is a bare one, apply before the seeding process. All products from SITCO reach you after being tested for confirming quality and safety. But you should follow the instructions given on the packet and handle the fertilizer with care.

Ammonium phosphate has many other uses too. It acts as a flame retardant for thermoplastic compositions. It promotes the growth of yeasts and hence finds application in bread making.

ammonium phosphate