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Potassium Chloride (MOP)

Get high quality Potassium Chloride from SITCO at leading prices in the industry. The chemical potassium chloride is odorless in its pure state and has a colorless glassy crystal appearance. Potash can have a color ranging from pink to white. The color depends on the process used for mining and recovery.

The king part of potassium chloride manufactured is used in fertilizers. It also finds application in food processing, scientific applications, lethal applications and medicine. Potassium chloride is used as completion fluid in natural gas and petroleum operations.

This chemical is used in certain de-icing products designed to be harmless for plants and pets. Potassium chloride along with lithium chloride and sodium chloride can be used as flux for gas welding of metals like aluminum.

Potassium chloride in excess is toxic and high doses may lead to cardiac arrest and even to death. Some countries even today use this for lethal injection as punishment.