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Urea is an odorless and colorless solid which is non-toxic and soluble highly in water. Urea is used widely as fertilizers and this chemical compound is a significant raw material in many other industries.

Urea is primarily produced to be used as fertilizer as it has highest content of nitrogen among all the available nitrogenous fertilizers. In chemical industry, urea serves as a raw material for numerous plastics, adhesives and also for potassium cyanate. It is also used for making urea nitrate which is highly explosive in nature and finds industrial application for certain improvised explosive devices. Moreover urea plays key role in automobile industry, laboratories and medical field. They are ingredients for many commercial products like hair removers, skin cream, teeth whitening products and even used in cigarettes as flavoring agent.

Urea may be irritating to respiratory tract, eyes and skin if not availed in purified form. Hence, all products from SITCO are tested judiciously for assuring safety of our customers.