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Jute Bags

SITCO avails you with jute bags having different colours, shapes, sizes and type of handles. Handles can be made of cane, bamboo, tape and rope etc.

Based on the unique needs of our customers, we are capable to provide customized bags in desired colour, prints and size. There are innumerable advantages of using jute bags. Jute bags are hand-made from the superb natural jute. The bags are relatively cheaper and that makes them more preferable. They are bio-degradable, eco-friendly and reusable. Our jute bags are highly resistant to wear and tear. We have wide choices in regard of cost, design, colour and style. Customized jute bags with your business logo or tagline can be used as a highly effective marketing tool.

Different jute bags from SITCO includes Printed Jute Bags, Jute Shopping Bags, Ethnic Bags, Durable Jute Bags, Handy Jute Bags, Jute Ladies Bags, Jute Rice Bag, Jute Sand Bags and many more.