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Jute Raw Materials

Jute is really an affordable fibre having multiple uses. SITCO provides you with highest quality jute raw materials.

Different types of jute raw materials from SITCO include jute yarn, white jute, jute twine, jute ropes, raw jute, tossa jute and hessian cloths. They find applications in the production of crocheting, knitting, textiles, embroidery and sewing etc. Jute yarn is used in areas of handicraft making, caps, brain ding, shopping bags, wall coverings, cable jointing, packing pipe joints etc. Garden jut yarns are used by flower arrangers, horticulturists and agriculturists in green colour or in its natural colour for different applications.

SITCO has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of Jute raw materials. We offer almost all varieties of products made from the purest raw materials. All our products are made in an eco-friendly manner and each stage of production is monitored carefully to assure reliability and quality.

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