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Coco Peats

SITCO avails you with the best quality coco peats at cost-effective rates for both horticultural purposes and agricultural industry. This multipurpose bi-product is actually a secondary product which gets delivered from the processing of coconut husks.

We offer completely organic and natural product that is easily usable and eco-friendly. Our prewashed and machine dried product is graded accordingly to the fiber content. This enables you to make exact choice in regard of coco peats suiting your unique needs and in view of elements like soil property, bulk density, capacity of water retention and the concerned crop under cultivation.

Coco peats find application in seed planting and container planting. It is used as an ingredient for exceptional quality potting soil and bedding for absorbing plant as well as animal residue. Coco peat also has a lot of Floriculture and Horticulture applications. It serves as the best substitute for customary peat mosses and Rock wool. Coco peats also find applications in Green Houses, Hydroponic growers and for Golf course and lawn construction.

Coco peat Blocks Low EC

Size : 30*30*12CM
Weight :
5kg (+ or -) 200 GRAM
Compression Ratio :
Electrical Conductivity :
below 0.6 ms/cm
Ph for H2o 5.5 to 6.7
Volumetric Expansion 70 to 80 Litres
Sewing Size 6 mm Mesh
Water Holding Capacity 15 Litres
Moisture Content 10 to 16 %
Air filled Porosity 90%

Coco peat Blocks High EC
PH : 5.5 - 6.7
EC : 5.0 -6.0 ms/cm
Block dimensions : 30 x 30 x 12 cm / -1CM
Block weight : 5 kgs / -3%
Sewing size : 6 mm mesh
Compression ratio : 5: 1
Water Holding Capacity : 15 Liters
Volumatic expansion : 65-70 Liters
Moisture Content : 10-16%
Air filled Porosity : 90%

coco peat