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Coir Fibers

SITCO provides superb quality coir fibres and products of different types. Coir is taken out from husk of coconut either via mechanical decortication or natural retting.

Coir fibres are used in the manufacture of various products like carpets, mats, brushes, upholstery stuffing etc. Coir Fibre which is really stiff and coarse is also resistant to salt water and rot. Coir fibres from SITCO remain unaffected by both fungal and bacterial decomposition. This makes it an ideal choice over the other fibres which would decay.

Based on the length coir can be classified as long, medium, short and very short fibres. Coir fibre is also classified as white fibre, brown fibre and buffering fibre. These fibres have wide range of applications in agriculture and horticulture too. Reach us and select the desired variety of coir fibres from our repository.

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