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SITCO brings to you outstanding quality mattress, FIDEX which is designed exclusively for your pets. The mattress offers apex level of comfort by removing the heat and it has a pleasing fragrance.

This innovative product from FIDEX offers protection against fleas, ticks, mites etc. The product being hydrophobic need not be kept for drying after it is water-washed. FIDEX is aerated thus making it comfortable for pets as they are spared from the heat to their bodies. Also the product is strong enough to such a level that, it doesn’t tears by the mischievous behaviour of your pets.

SITCO tries to keep its every product environment friendly and FIDEX is not an exception to the same. These mattresses are environment friendly and 100% recyclable. So, you need not be worried about the toxic emissions threating to your health and environment that releases on combustion.

FIDEX is 70% coconut fibres, 30% latex along with anti- parasites and synthetic fragrance added to it. The product is available in three different dimensions.