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Geotextiles from SITCO meets your expectations of excellent quality and usability. Geo Textiles are actually penetrable fabrics having the capability to reinforce, protect, filter, separate or drain.

Geo textiles can be made from polyester or polypropylene and there are three basic forms- woven, needle punched and heat bonded. However, coir geo textiles are in a huger demand because of some genuine reasons. This serves as a sensible natural solution for preventing soil degradation or soil erosion. The world wide acceptance of coir geo textiles attributes to its environment friendly nature. They are ideal to be applied on rail embankments, roads or even hilly slopes. Geo textiles also find application in demolition of buildings.

These coir geo textiles last around 5 years and later on it degrade into humus which again enriches the soil. Thus your investment never goes in vain.