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SITCO avails you with the best quality ropes. Ropes are made from coir fibre and is a collection of yarns braided or twisted together thus combining them to a stronger and larger form.

Ropes from SITCO possess high tensile strength making them suitable for lifting and dragging even heavy items. They are stronger and thicker than string, cord, line or twine constructed in a similar manner. Ropes are classified mainly into two- Twisted ropes and braided ropes. Braided ropes are again divided into single, double, hollow and solid braids. Capstans and winches are machines used for pulling ropes.

Ropes find applications in diverse fields like hangings, exploration, sports, seafaring and construction. There are also many miscellaneous uses with ropes; say an old tarp along with a rope is enough for a temporary shelter. While crossing water body or navigating a challenging terrain, rope can give you the needed support. Thus rope really has unlimited uses.