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SITCO offers customers with a vast variety of coir yarn. Coir yarn or simply yarn has a plethora of applications in different fields.

Coir yarn is produced normally via mechanized spinning or simple hand spinning. When spun by hand, the yarn remains soft with even thickness and twist. Yarn spun using machine on the other hand has hard twist and maintains uniformity in twist and size. Coir yarn is classified based on the production area, scorage, twist, pitch and colour.

Coir yarn can be used in the manufacture of PVC tufted mats and carpets, entrance mat and wall to wall carpets. For the production of geo-textiles, coir yarn plays a key role. It can be used for wrapping the trunk of tree during winter season. Coir yarn also finds applications in landscaping decorations such as Greenhouse making, pot hanging etc. It is an ideal growing medium for mussles.