industrial raw materials
Industrial Raw Materials

Raw materials are inevitable in any industry. The output product workability and worth depends significantly on the quality of raw materials used.

SITCO brings to you high quality raw materials at cheapest rates. We provide soap noodles, plastic raw materials and different categories of other raw materials. Soap noodles are used for manufacturing products such as toilet soaps, glycerin based soaps, bathing bars and some type of lubricants. These soap noodles ingredients normally include animal fats, olive oil, vegetable oils and coconut oil.

The plastic raw materials offered by us are compact, hard and remain safe from rust, heat and different forms of organic solvents. Plastic can be used in diverse fields like that of textile industry, bottle making, lens making, car bodies and many other general purposes.

All raw materials we provide are quality tested before being delivered to the customers. We provide raw materials to almost every type of industries.