SITCO avails you superb quality minerals and chemicals which can be used for different purposes. We mainly offer Sulphur, Silica Sand, Raw Ilmenite and coal.

Among the minerals and chemicals offered, Sulphur finds application in fertilizers, drugs, pharmaceuticals and dyestuffs. It is also effective against fungi and pests. Raw Ilmenite is lightweight but strong thus enabling its use in the manufacture of aircraft parts, bicycle frames, human artificial joints etc. Silica sand is vital for building products, glass making, paints and hydraulic processing. Coal from SITCO is of different types which include steam coal, bituminous and sub-bituminous coal, lignite, peat and graphite. It can be used as a fuel and as feedstock in chemical production.

SITCO assures that our minerals and chemicals reach you at its purest form so that the quality never gets degraded and effectiveness is retained.