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Raw Ilmenite

Raw Ilmenite offered by SITCO is either steel grey or iron black in colour. We assure extremely high quality levels to our customers as the chemicals SITCO provides before being delivered are carefully tested at each and every stage of manufacturing.

Ilmenite plays a key role in the manufacture of titanium dioxide. It is a white bright powder which can be used as one of the base pigments in paper, paint and plastics. Raw Ilmenite has great strength but it is light weight. So, it can be used in the manufacture of numerous metal parts where weight needs to be minimized without compromising the strength. Thus Raw Ilmenite is used for making aircraft parts and artificial joints in humans. Further it is used for making bicycle frames and other sporting equipment. It can also be used in many high-performance alloys.

We are one of the leading suppliers of superb quality chemicals at most cheapest rates in the industry.