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Silica Sand

SITCO is one of the leading suppliers of Silica Sand. Silica sand, chemically silicon dioxide has lots of applications in different niches. It is available either as quartz or opel.

Silica sand has a high melting point and it doesn’t break down even when subjected to high temperatures. There are many unique characteristics of silica sand like that of void ratio, soundness, weight etc. which makes it ideal for manifold purposes. Silica sand finds application in construction projects as ceramic material. Also for many building products, silica sand is really important. Apart from these, it is used as an abrasive in blasting and various types of polishing and grinding materials. Silica sand finds application in glass making, paint industry and in hydraulic fracturing process.

The silica sand provided by SITCO will be clean with negligible or no clay, slit or organic matter content.