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SITCO offers good quality sulphur for different purposes. Sulphur, commonly known as sulphur is basically a yellow bright crystalline solid at room temperature.

The main application of sulphur is in fertilizers mainly as calcium sulphate. Sulphur enhances the use competence of many vital plant nutrients, especially like that of phosphorus and nitrogen. They also find applications in agrochemicals, drugs, dyestuffs and pharmaceuticals. Sulphur can be used as effective pesticides and fungicides for preventing many diseases and black spots.

This chemical is also effective against apple scab in colder conditions. It is an important tool in the process of wine making as well. Sulphur is a good anti-bacterial preservative. They can also prevent pollution to rubber products and assists their maintenance in numerous ways.

All our products are manufactured under the surveillance of experts and hence you get only genuine products from SITCO.