Building Materials

SITCO provides building materials for applications in different fields. The materials from us include cement, steel bar, tiles, corrugated roofing sheets and lot more.

Cement finds application in transportation, construction works and agriculture. We offer best quality Portland cement, Non-Portland hydraulic cement, Portland cement blends etc. Steel bars from SITCO can be used in diverse areas like that of paper industries, ship building, military equipment manufacturing industries, cement industries and many technology related industries. Tiles we provide are made mainly from porcelain, ceramic and clay. They can be used for covering floorings, tops, walls and various other objects such as showers. Corrugated roofing sheets availed by SITCO are resistant to vermin, fire and rust. These sheets are used for topping shops, sheds, small buildings etc.

We understand the unique needs of customers aptly and provide customized building materials accordingly.