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Cement is a substance capable of setting and hardening independently. It can also bind different materials together. Cement is basically classified into two- hydraulic and non-hydraulic. As the name suggests, hydraulic cement hardens due to hydration whereas non-hydraulic cement doesn’t.

Cement is used in building construction works for beams, columns, piles, mortar, plaster, panels, floor and roofing. In transportation, cement finds application for parking, runways, tunnels, stabilization, roads, pathways, sleepers, crossings, viaducts and bridges. Cement is used in the water transportation field for the construction of pipes, drains, pools, tanks, weirs, dams, canals, kerbing and culverts. In the field of civil engineering, cement is used for fencing, poles, warehousing, pylons, piers, silos, docs and retaining walls. Cement also finds application in agriculture. It is used for housing, irrigation, feedlots, processing and buildings.

SITCO provides you with different varieties of cements including Portland cement, energetically modified cement, Portland cement blends and Non-Portland hydraulic cements.