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Corrugated Roofing Sheets

SITCO provides top quality corrugated roofing sheets of different sizes and types. Corrugated roofing is one of the most sensible ways to top a shop, patio or garden shed. The implementation is quick, easy and you don’t even need huge labour force. Just with some basic tools, you can implement it yourself.

There are many advantages of using corrugated roofing sheets from SITCO. Firstly, they are resistant to fire, vermin and corrosion. They are dimensionally stable and there is a consistency is strength both across and along the sheets. These sheets can be fixed easily and are economical. They have low thermal conductivity keeping the inside cool. Corrugated roofing sheets absorb sound and hence noise is less.

You should choose the length of corrugated roofing according to your need. As these come in various sizes, you must have a precise idea about the exact requirements you have.