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SITCO offers tiles of different types at most reasonable rates. Tiles are manufactured pieces of tough materials like stone, metal, ceramics or glass.

Though tiles have multiple applications, they are mainly used to cover floors, roofs, walls, table tops and many other objects like showers. Normally they are made of fired clay, ceramic and porcelain. Other materials used are cork, stone, metal and glass. Tiling stone is normally slate, granite, onyx or marble. It is obvious that thinner tiles are suitable for wall and floors require thicker tiles.

Roof tiles can be of different types and are mainly made traditionally from materials like slate or clay which are locally available. Some of them are even waterproof. Based on the shape, tiles can be classified as flat tiles, tegula, Roman tiles, Pantiles, barrel tiles, antefixes and interlocking roof tiles. Floor tiles are mainly made of stone or ceramic but nowadays rubber and glass tiles can also be used on floors.