Other Exports

SITCO exports numerous items to different parts of the globe according to the customer demands. The main exports include gumboots, bicycles and GI coils.

Gumboots are tall boots made mainly from rubber; it covers not just your foot but the entire lower leg. These boots are used in rainy season and also by those indulged in gardening and processing of chemicals. Gumboots from SITCO are available in different colors and style.

SITCO exports bicycles of different types like racing bicycles, service bicycles, touring bicycles, tandems, fixed gear bicycles and hybrid bicycles. Besides transportation, these bicycles are used for recreational purposes as well.

GI coils exported by SITCO are of great quality and are of huge demand in the global markets. These coils are excellent in aspects of workability, coating and welding capability. GI coils are used in different home appliances.

We export soon after the reception of request and our team is capable to handle any bulk order even within short notice.