plants for building
For Building Industries

SITCO offers different plants for building to both independent and integrated companies. We provide you highly efficient and prudently designed Corrugated Sheet Plants, Iron Nail Making Plants and Mini Cement Plants.

Our corrugated steel plants are capable to produce roofing sheets in the needed shape. Nail making plants from SITCO have every component made of great quality steel. We also provide different types of mini cement plants like shaft preheater, small rotary kilns etc. The plants are easy to operate and resistant to corrosion or any types of environmental adversities.

SITCO provides plants which are easily maintainable and controlling them doesn’t need in-depth technical know-how. Also there are safety devices which assure the longevity of these plants. The products manufactured from the plants are of superb quality.

Our plants are affordable, flawlessly automated, economical and ecologically sustainable.