100% Broken Rice From SITCO

100% Broken Rice refers to rice whose grains have been broken during milling. Furthermore, grains break apart before and after milling as well as during transit. Broken rice can be put to many uses, such as cooking in soups or stews, adding it to sauces, and using it to make rice dishes. We only provide the best 100% Broken Rice to our customers through a careful production process. It is neither treated with pesticides nor chemicals and is handpicked at the farm to ensure that it conforms to our strict quality standards. 

Rice we sell is clean, double-polished, and hygienically packaged. Our rice is rich in flavor and of excellent quality. We guarantee that both the quality and taste of our rice will be of the highest standards. All of our rice is handled and packed in our state-of-the-art facility. Our process ensures the production of high-quality products that comply with international standards. To ensure unbeatable rice quality, our rice is handled under extremely hygienic conditions. Additionally, our rice is safe for consumption and free of allergens like gluten.

Specifications of SITCO’s 100 % Broken Rice

Broken 100% max
Moisture 14% max
Foreign matter 2% max
Quality 100% sortex clean
Damage/discolor 1% max
Chalky grain 2% max


  • Unadulterated and hygienically processed
  • Nutrition rich
  • Advanced technologies in manufacturing to ensure quality and taste

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