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Golden Sella rice is attractive because of its pale yellow color providing a golden hue. SITCO exports Golden Sella rice of unmatched quality. Our Golden Sella rice is great for any meal and gives a distinct flavor with a superb finish. It absorbs flavors during cooking to give a truly delicious dish. We export premium quality Golden Sella Basmati rice at affordable prices.

Specifications of 1121 GOLDEN Rice

Quality 100% pure and Sortex clean
Size long, thin and slender
Broken 2.00% Max
Moisture 13.00% Max
Discolor/Damage 1.00%
Packing Bags PP Packing and Cotton bag


  • Strong flavor, rich aroma, standard grain size
  • Natural parboiling in the husk
  • Locks-in nutrients during parboiling
  • 100 % pure and zero adulteration
  • Improved resilience to over cooking
  • Longer shelf-life

We export Golden Sella rice to US, UK, Canada, and UAE. Shipped and packaged to ensure customer satisfaction.