Black Eye peas

Black-eyed peas are legumes that originated in West Africa. They are now grown across the globe in warm climates. These peas are named after their appearance. They are cream-coloured with a small black spot at their centre that resembles an eye and represents their former attachment to pods. This bean belongs to the cowpea family and is medium-sized. 

Peas are green when they are fresh, then brown or buff when they are dried. Boiling peas is a common method of cook­ing these legumes. They are available both canned and dried. High-fibre diets encourage good bacteria to flourish, which boosts digestive health. When peas are substituted for meat several times per week, it can have positive effects on longevity, diabetes, heart disease, and weight management.

SITCO supplies and exports black-eyed peas of superior quality to clients across the globe. We ensure organic, safe, and pesticide-free food products to our customers.

Specifications Black-Eyed Peas

Foreign Matter 1% max
Sister bean 2% max
Damage 3% max
Origin India


  • Reduces cancer and heart disease risk
  • Phytosterols reduce blood cholesterol levels
  • Rich in nutrients and fibre
  • A reliable source of iron for vegetarians

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