Black Pepper from SITCO


Black Pepper is the most widely used spice and condiment in the world and is highly regarded for its spiciness and ability to impart a unique flavour to a variety of cuisines.  It is the unripe fruit of piper nigrum, and is often referred to as black pepper.   It has a spicy taste, pungent odour and is healthy. Pepper’s unique taste makes it one of the world’s favourite spices. But black pepper is more than just a staple in the kitchen. Black pepper contains a chemical called piperine. This chemical appears to have many effects on the body. It appears to reduce pain, improve breathing, and reduce inflammation. Piperine could also kill fungi and parasites and help the body absorb certain drugs. Another variety of pepper is the white pepper, which is obtained by cooking and drying the ripe pepper seeds. 

 SITCO is the manufacturer of 100%  premium quality organic peppers. Our mission is to provide an alternative to conventional processed foods that are loaded with chemical additives. We have a team of experts who make sure our products are free from impurities. These black peppers come directly from farmers and our processing plants are fed with the latest machinery to process bulk quantities according to international standards.

Specifications of Black Pepper

Moisture 11% max
Admixture 2% max
Origin India
Foreign Matter 0.5% max

Benefits of pepper:

  • High in antioxidants
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Has benefits for the brain
  • It improves blood sugar control
  • It lowers cholesterol levels
  • Has cancer-fighting properties
  • It is a versatile spice

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