Spices Export SITCO

Types of Spices and Benefits You Need To Know About

You Since time immemorial, spices have been used to flavor, preserve, and enhance food. Currently, research shows that spices can ...
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SITCO Pulses export

Pulses: Meaning, Types, and Health Benefits

Pulses have gained popularity as a staple crop for those who try to avoid animal products while eating healthy. They ...
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Face Mask from SITCO

How to Use Face Masks – the Do’s and Don’ts to Follow

COVID-19 has everyone rushing to buy face masks, and the prices of face masks have shot up because of the ...
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Non Basmati Rice Export - SITCO

Non Basmati Rice: The Best Choice for Your Diet

Are you searching for a delicious variety of rice you can add to your daily meals? Basmati is just one ...
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Basmati Rice SITCO

Basmati Rice: The Delicious, Healthy Super grain

The vast majority of rice types exist today, but basmati rice is by far the most ideal for the Mediterranean ...
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Coir Mat from SBL SITCO

Coir Mat: Practical and Eco-Friendly Doormats For a Green Home

Coconut coir is a versatile natural product with multiple uses. It is typically used for making coir mat, ropes, mattresses, ...
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Sitco Jute Fiber Exporter

Jute Fiber: What it Is and What It Does

Jute is a natural fiber that is versatile, sustainable, and Eco-friendly. Read on to learn more about Jute Fiber and ...
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Complete Guide To Coir

The Complete Guide To Coir

Are you considering using a coir doormat in your home? Do you wish to try Coco peat forgardening? Continue reading ...
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Coir fiber

Coir Fiber and its Best Uses

Coir fiber is a natural fiber that is derived from the husks of coconuts. It is being used in a ...
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Hessian fabric

Hessian Fabric: Uses and Benefits

Hessian Fabric is a woven fabric that is strong and durable, and is used for many purposes. In this article, ...
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