Calcined Petroleum Coke by SITCO

Oil refineries produce green petroleum coke, or raw petroleum coke, out of crude oil distillation residues. Calcined Petroleum is the Green petroleum coke or Raw coke that is Heated at a high temperature of around 13000 centigrade. Petroleum coke is widely used inĀ  aluminum industry, as a filler in ground electrode stations, and in the production of several carbon products as well as graphite products. It is widely used as anodes in Alumina Smelters, as well as in the manufacturing of Graphite Electrodes. The Calcinated Petroleum Coke is also used in the steel industry for melting steel, recurburizing steel, and producing special steels and alloys.

With highly advanced technology, we supply Calcine Petroleum Coke to Graphite Electrode Manufacturers, Steel, and many more. Our products are known for their quality, purity, and consistency and have been serving the needs of a wide range of industries across the globe, for more than a decade. Using the most advanced machinery, we produce high-quality products at an excellent production level. In addition to clear and affordable prices, our service excellence includes fast delivery and reliable customer service.

Specifications of Calcined Petroleum CokeĀ 


Calcined petroleum coke

Fixed carbon




Volatile matter

0.5% maximum







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